3rd 9-weeks Project: Making a toga

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3rd 9-weeks Project: Making a toga

Post by Earle on Mon Jun 02, 2008 8:36 pm

Toga Project:

You will need to start on this project early, and not wait until the last minute. The color of the toga is up to you.

You do not need to make a tunic, but doing so can earn you an additional 5% (t-shirts do not count--it has to be hand made).

For an additional 5%, make a diagram on foamboard showing the following types of togas: toga virilis, toga praetexta, toga candida, toga pulla, and a toga picta. Title it "Roman Togas" Write a short caption under each stating when and why these togas were worn.

Bedsheets and single strips of fabric do not work. For an average person, who is 6 ft. tall, you will need the fabric to be about 12-14 ft long AND wide. That means you will have to buy strips and combine them lengthwise, then do final cuts. Ask questions if ANYTHING is not clear. Do NOT wait until the last weekend, as everyone will be buying fabric and you won't find anything cheap or good.


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